Day 6 & day 7


So today it's saturday, which means no school. Though we needed to wake up at 7.20 because of the breakfast. When we were done eating we had to get ready really fast because 8:50 we needed to go by the bus to Valletta, where we were going to shop.

When we came there it was just so hot and it got even warmer by the time. We mostly went to souvenir shops but they had shops like, Accesorize (spelling), Bershka and Terranova. I didn't buy so much though, just a few clothes and some souvenirs to friends and family. After that we went by the bus to the beach we were at before and we were there from 13-17 which was nice. Didn't get tanned there though and we were in the water almost all the time because of the weather. We ate some lunch there and then we went home and ate dinner.

In the evening we had free time so we just sat on the couches at the beach and played cards and ate some snacks and just enjoyed the moment. It was really really beautiful.




Today it's sunday and that meant for us, free time! So we woke up at 7.50 to go eat breakfast and after that we got ready to go tanning and just chilled at the room a little bit. At 9/10 we went to the pool and started tanning but it was so warm that we went swimming almost directly. We tanned all day long and just ate some icecream in between and french fries as lunch until the clock was 5.30 pm.
We got ready for dinner and went to dinner. Fanny and I decided to eat all those weird stuff so we tried on so many new things, both good and bad.

The only activities we had today was a music quiz which was kinda fun but we were 40 persons in a 4 persons room so it got kinda warm so everybody were sweating. After that we went swimming and just played some volleyball and chilled at the beach until we needed to sleep.






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