Day 5

This morning I was so tired when the alarm was ringing but I got up and went to breakfast. After breakfast I did the normal stuff I do after it and went to school. At school we learned differend words and played some games.
Directly after school we went to Peters Pool, which is a really beautiful place and it was so fun, because we could jump from a ''cliff'' that was 8-10 meters from the water and it was so nice and blue water and you could see the botton even though it was 20 meters deep! The bad thing there was that there weren't any toilets and it took one hour to go home. And it happned an accident there, one girl from my group hit her head in a cliff but she's okey now and many people got stung by jellyfishes, i got too and it hurted so bad.
We came back to the hotal at 7.10 so we only got 20 minutes to eat. AFter that we got an half hour to get ready for Numero Uno.

At 8 we went by the bus to Numero Uno and the time went kind of fast on the bus because we were learning finnish, and finnish swedish to Andreas which was kinda interesting. When we came to the party I was really excited and we had a great night ahead. Numero Uno was even better than the other one and at the end Fanny and I went on stage and danced! It was really funny to meet the friends from Suncrest so we spent almost the whole party with them!

Tomorrow we wont have school but we still need to get up one hour earlier because the breakfast is one hour earlier in the weekend.

 (pictures will come)






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