Day 4

Today we woke up at the same time, 8:20 , went to breakfast, got ready and went to school. My group met our teacher because she was sick yesterday and she told us that we are level five ( the best group ), so we cant speak anything wrong, if we do she will correct us directly even if its a small mistake. We had some get to know each other things and then we started to talk about dreams. After two breaks and three lessons the schoolday was over and we went to the bus.
The bus took us to a nice and big beach where we would be for two hours. The first thing we did was to eat lunch, and after that we went swimming. When we came up from water we already needed to go to the meeting so we went there and got some information. Then after that we got one hour left that we spent swimming.

When we came back we just got ready and went to dinner and after that we needed to go by the bus to Valletta. We were going to the cinema to watch Magic Mike XXL. We got give movies to choose from so of course Fanny, Anni and I chose that one. After the movie we were so tired and we still needed to wait 20 minutes before we went to the bus. We almsot slept the whole bus ride and went directly to bed when we came home to the hotel.






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