Day 3 in Malta


This morning was like any other morning we woke up, went to breakfast then got ready for school. I also had some time to edit the photos from day 2. At 10.45 we went to school by a normal bus because we are around 35 people who were going there. When we came there we went to a class room , but because the classrooms are so small we needed to
split us up. Our teacher directly started talking about that test we were going to do today. Before we started to do thye test we went outside and the leaders told us some information and we got our STS bags!
After that we went inside again and now it was time for the test. At first it felt kinda simple but after a while it got more difficult. The test had 100 abc questions but I did it in maybe an half hour I think.
When we were done we went outside and after a while they came out and said names and were you should go. They didn't tell us which group we were in, but we think that we got the highest marks in the tests. We only had one hour left when we came to our classroom so we didn't do so much.

When the day was over we were supposed to just go to the hotel but our bus didn't come so we waited one hour for the bus. THe swedish people and the Italians went to Comino but we are going there the 29th instead.
So it was another day of tanning, though we came home at 4 so we didn't really get tanned. As lunch/snack we ate ice cream which was really cheap, one scoop was 0.90 - 1 euro and in Finland one scoop would cost 3€. We were swimming kinda much and at 6 we left the beach and went to our room to get ready.

After dinner we went to the Numero Uno foam party which was really cool and fun. It was around 300 people there dancing to the music and it was so fun, met the people we met at the airport here and many others. But it just got better when the foam came, the foam made us really soaked so everybody were in swimwear. So when the party was over we needed to change and it was full of people so Fanny, Anni and I changed behind a bar disk.
It took a while before we went but when we were in the bus I was really tired. So wehn we came back we just went straight to our beds.









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