Day 2

So the second day already passed and today was a great day, the group got even closer which is cool and it also came two new groups from sweden. Didn't talk to many of the though but hopefully we will get to know some swedish people tomorrow!
Today we woke up at 8:20 and just put some clothes on and went to the breakfast at 8:30. After that we went to our room and cleaned up and got ready
for school. We were ready kinda early so we just went out in the sun and took some photos. At 10:45 our bus picked us up and we went to school. The funny thing is that they called it a ''party bus'' so I was really excited but it turned out to just be a smaller version of a bus that had music on with good speakers.
When we came to school we went to our classroom where we met our teacher Krista. We started up with a few ''get to know each other'' tasks but we already kind of knew each other because it was just us eight, finns and italians. The finns names are Emilia (me), Fanny, Anni, Aleksis and Anton, and the Italians are Giorgia, Michela and Riccardo.
After that we had difference task when we talked to each other. In school we had 3 10 minutes breaks and during them we tanned.

At 14.20 we went by our bus home again and changed to bikini so we could get outside and tan. We tanned until 18 o'clock and after that we checked out the small supermarket we have in our hotel. We bought a few things and then after changing clothes we went to eat. The food was really good today again and it was here we met the new students.
After we ate we were planning to go outside and play cards but then we found that it will be a mini disco so we decided to go there instead. The disco was meant to be for children but we 8 went there. After a while Fanny, Aleksis and I decided to join them for fun so we went there and danced with the children. It was a few adults that showed us how to dance so it was kind of funny to do those moves.
After about an hour we had a meeting with everybody and the STS leaders told us the rules. No one told us the rules before that so yesterday we kind of broke one rule because we didn't knew. Then they told us that we can swim in the sea when its dark if we tell a leader so we decided to swim and so we did, just Fanny, Anni and I though.

Now I'm gonna sleep and tomorrow to school and in the evening we will have a foam party which will be really cool because everyone will be in bikini!






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