Day 16!

This day passed really fast. We woke up as always got ready and went to school. In school we just did some exercises and a movie quiz. But it was nice to know that after school we will just go back to the hotel and have free time. So we went to the hotel and Fanny, Anni and I put on bikinis and went to the restaurant. Anni and I ate pizza and Fanny ate pasta. After that it was meant that we would swim but the clock was already almost 5 so we needed to go back inside and start to get ready for party
Today we would have a boat party called, spirit of Malta. It is one of the activities we could buy in the beginning. So we went by a bus to Sliema where the Catamaran waited for us. We got on and sat down. They first drove around out in the sea, and it was so big waves so it came so much water in the boat. We tried to stand up while it went up and down and I only fell once! After a while we turned around and went to a more calm place where we stayed at. Then we could start to swim, eat and party. The night went kinda fast and when we were about to go back to Sliema with the boat some of us took a place in the front in a net thing. It was cool because it was only water under it.
When we came back to Sliema we still had some time before the bus would come so we went to McDonalds.





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