Day 12 & 13!


Today we woke up in time, 8:20, went to breakfast and to school. The schoolday was kinda fun so it went fast. After school we went to the beach, Ghadira, maybe the forth time we were there. We ate lunch and swam there for two hours and then we went back home to the hotel. There we just chilled and went to dinner and tried to find some Hawaii clothes, because it was hawaii theme on the club evening.
We tried on many different clothes and lastly I took a air of white shorts and a shirt with flowers on. When we came to the beach we were the only one there but after a while more people came. It was kinda fun because we took ALOT of group pictures. The time went and we had a competition who had the best costume. So those who wanted could compete. After that we just chilled and danced a little bit until 23 when we went home. It's kinda funny because now we have a ''finlandswedish gang'', we are 6 people that lives in finland but speaks swedish.
As i wrote, we took a lot of pictures so they will come by time, because it takes so long to upload one picture already.



Today it is saturday so we woke up at 7:50 to go to brekafast. After breakfast I started editing the pictures from yesterday and got ready for shopping. We went to Sliema for shopping and it was really fun because we had 5 hours to shop there and it was so many stores. So we walked around in the mall and city and spent money, a haul will come!
We went home at 4pm and Fanny and I went straight to the pool, because of the heat. We spent one hour in the pool and then we got up and began to get ready for dinner and Numero Uno. Our leaders decided that our group will have the theme ''Army'' so we needed to dress as close to that. I took Fanny's black skirt and a top and on that a T-shirt that says Army.
We went to Numero Uno after dinner which always is kinda fun. Today we it came other schools there too so we were over 500 people there so it got so hot and it was a lot of people everywhere. So now it was people between 12 - 19. The tweklve years olds were so short and small and we don't even know why they were there. Anyways the evening was kinda boring because of that it was so much people so it was cool to come back to the hotel again ad sleep.







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