Day 20


Today was the last whole day here in Malta, because we're going home tomorrow. Anyways, we woke up went to brekafast and got ready for a day at the pool. We tanned almost the whole day and I didn't get burned! Fanny and I also put lemon in our hair so it will get lighter, I think it didn't work so good though.
Today was also the last Numero Uno. The theme was colours so each leader had decided a colour for each group and our group got black, so it was quite easy to dress. Itook my black skirt and then a black top.
It has been so sad to know the whole day that we're leaving tomorrow even though it's gonna be funny to see everybody again and go to a music camp I'll go to after this trip.
After Numero Uno we started to pack the last things so now almost everything is packed except a few things we need for tomorrow.





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